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Fire Alarm & Mass Notification

Fire Alarm

Implementing a professionally installed and monitored Fire Alarm is perhaps the most significant way to assure the safety of lives and preservation of property in any building.  When activated, the Fire Alarm System will sound local alarm devices within the building and contact the monitoring service to dispatch the Fire Department.  Fire Alarm can also be a primary component of a building's automated systems for controlling smoke, recalling an elevator to a safe level and ensuring that paths of egress are accessible by releasing electric locks.

Continental Fire & Security has expert staff to provide all phases of Fire Alarm service, from design and installation to maintenance and inspections.  We are a Platinum Distributor for Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell.  Gamewell-FCI has an extensive offering of Fire Alarm products for projects large and small.

Please contact us for informed guidance regarding your Fire Alarm needs.

Mass Notification & Voice Evacuation

A Fire Alarm with the capability of issuing verbal alerts to occupants is required for high-rise buildings and other assembly buildings with occupancy exceeding an amount determined by local code.  These systems can provide unique pre-recorded messages to each "notification zone" of a facility during an event, providing vital information to occupants with regard to the location of the event and the safest path of egress.  When firefighters arrive in response to an event, they have a building communication system at their disposal in the form an integral telephone handset system and a paging microphone to communicate specific instructions to occupants.

In recent years, Mass Notification has become a vital component of safety policy at campuses, military bases and other facilities with high occupancy.  The purpose of these systems is to notify occupants of any event that may require urgent action in the interest of safety such as natural disaster or acts of terror.  These systems come in many different forms is still evolving. 

Gamewell-FCI's E3 Series Voice Evacuation Fire Alarm has the built-in capability to take on a dual role as Fire Alarm and Mass Notification System and meets the specifications of the US Military's Unified Facilities Criteria.  This system can provide customized pre-recorded messages or live communication giving instructions to occupants either in a specific area or the entire facility.

Whether your needs are big or small, we are here to give you the best advice, products and services for your fire alarm and life safety needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.